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Global Fine Art Awards History

October 29, 2019

The GFAA program honors innovation and excellence in exhibition design, historical context, educational value, and public appeal. This annual awards program recognizes the best curated fine art and design exhibited around the world- in museums, galleries, fairs, biennials and public installations.

In addition to the research-based nominations, GFAA accepts open calls from museums, biennials, fairs, galleries and other art organizations. Individual patrons may nominate their favorite exhibitions as well.The Nominating Committee reviews the slate prepared by the Art Research Committee, and presents their findings and final approvals to the Judges.  The Judges modify and select the final slate of Nominees, then vote on the Finalists and Winners.

In 2018, the fifth edition of the program juries 13 Awards, and announces a final slate of 94 Nominees- from 6 continents, 49 cities and 31 countries across the globe. Whereas many are from the top 100 art museums visited in the world (April 2017, The Art Newspaper), the majority (55%) are from smaller institutions, independent projects, galleries, fairs and biennials.

The culmination of the annual program took place on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 in celebration of all GFAA Nominees and the presentation of the Winners of the 2018 Global Fine Art Awards. The black-tie gala was held at the Harold Pratt Mansion on Park Avenue and 68th St in NYC, headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The digital age provides both opportunities and risks for museums and other art organizations to grow their audiences.  Digital representation of exhibitions, and artworks for sale through auction houses, galleries and online media companies, creates a completely global audience, and a unique curated experience.

However, nothing will ever replace the feeling and sensory experience of seeing exhibitions live.

Where else can we “see” and experience a virtual collection of the best exhibitions from around the world? As far as we are aware, nowhere else besides the GFAA program.

There is so much to experience and share – and we believe that the GFAA program will help educate people around the world about art and its global messages.

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